Extensions eligible for offer Free Domain

Extensions eligible for free domain with annual payment depending on your hosting plan (excluded VPS without managed service) :

All hosting plans from € 7.95/mo :
.be .biz .business .co.uk .com .de .es .eu .fr .info .it .li .lt .net .pro .us

All hosting plans superior to € 14.95/mo and more :
.be .biz .business .ca .co.uk .cz .com .de .es .eu .fr .in .info .it .li .lt .mobi .nl .org .pro .pt .us

All hosting plans superior to € 29.95/mo and more :
.be .biz .business .ca .ch .co.uk .cz .com .de .es .eu .fi .fr .in .info .it .li .lt .me .mobi .nl .org .pro .pt .se .us

NB :
- anonymous WHOIS is possible for free on all extensions except : .biz, .eu, .in,.me, .mobi, .us
- anonymous WHOIS is partial in case the declared owner is a company
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