Extensions eligible for offer Free Domain


Extensions eligible for free domain with annual payment depending on your hosting plan (excluded VPS without managed service) :

All hosting plans from EURO1 MAC1 SG1 :
.at .be .biz .business .co.uk .com .de .es .eu .fr .info .it .li .lt .net .pro .us

All hosting plans from EURO2 MAC2 SG2 HA-EU1 HA-MAC1 HA-SG1 and more :
.at .be .biz .business .ca .co.uk .cz .com .de .es .eu .fr .gr .hu .in .info .it .li .lt .mobi .nl .no .org .pro .pt .ro .us

All hosting plans from EURO3 MAC3 SG3 HA-EU2 HA-MAC2 HA-SG2 and more :
.at .be .biz .business .ca .ch .co.uk .cz .com .de .es .eu .fi .fr .gr .hu .in .info .it .li .lt .me .mobi .nl .no .org .pro .pt .ro .se .us

NB :
- anonymous WHOIS is possible for free on all extensions except : .biz, .eu, .in,.me, .mobi, .us
- anonymous WHOIS is partial in case the declared owner is a company