How to fight incoming spam ?


The first recommendation is obviously never to leave dragging a crude email on your websites, use a contact form with a recaptcha protection against bot submissions.
Also, you should know that all generic emails are the target of robots even if they do not know if the email really exists : contact@, admin@, support@, client@... so you must prefer the use of non-generic mail by integrating non-ordinary terms like : contact.john@, admin.jc@,

Assume that you are 'responsible' if you are spammed, yes... only doing nothing or not applying the recommendations causes this 'spammy' situation. There is no fatality ! follow the recommendations of Dr YOORshop, and all will be fine...

Start by unregistering newsletters gradually if there is an unsubscribe link, and to start cleaning is the basics !

We use MailScanner to filter emails, and it is very effective for 95% of spams, but it can't stop all due to tricky spamming companies (you must unsubscribe for those who still passes)...

You can see in your cPanel, mail section: the MailScanner icon, click and you are on the main page of this application. All emails with high spam score are locked at delivery.

1. Mailcontrol (allow also to check email not received - blocked, and adjust settings)
Once you click on the Mailscan icon, you will see all received and blocked emails.

The 'View / status' column includes buttons for viewing emails. You can mark an email as Spam by clicking the button below: 'Learn as Spam'
If you want an email received, blocked or not, get a better spam score afterwards to avoid a blockage, click on 'Learn as Ham'.
If this email was blocked, you will be able to unlock it yourself by the button 'Release direct'
You want to search for an email that would have to reach you by email, subject, right click on Menu, then 'Search Messages', and fill in the 'Search' line, then click 'Search'
You want to spam many emails quantitatively, click on 'Bulk Actions', you see a new column to the left with squares that allows to check the emails. Then at the bottom check either 'Learn as Ham' or 'Learn as Spam'.

For information, we have banned many domain extensions that are massively used for spamming, and with few chance to affect you with legit emails :


Email Black / Whitelist settings

If you want a more radical method to block some emails, or allow some emails, on the main page of this application, clicking at the bottom of this page on 'Back to Mailscanner configuration', then click 'Email Black / Whitelist settings'
You have left the spam list, you must enter an email or a domain
*@domain.tld: This means all email accounts in a domain. Then: 'Change'

NB: this function should not be used to excess to banish, because limited in number of banished possible, you must also make the effort to unsubscribe lists of emails ...

Other Settings

If you think that our default settings are too restrictive or too permissive, you can from the main page of this application, see 'Other settings', adjust 'Low scoring spam setting'. Emails received and must be less than 'High scoring spam setting' (this is the most important and really blocks emails). Default value for 'High scoring spam setting' is 10, you can increase or decrease it depending on your need...

2. Activate BoxTrapper as a complement (Recommended if situation is unbearable or if you want to a perfect mail life:)

Similar service to Mailinblack but free ! Moreover, validation is simple contrary to Mailinblack, it does not discourage your prospect from validating the message submission...

This allows you to add a filter to newsletters and robots that send you emails. They will receive a link to click so that the message reaches you. Once link clicked, you will receive email, and it will add their email address in whitelist you can also manage... If not, email stay in queue for 15 days by default, and will be deleted if never released.
You can check the queue at any time: "Examine the queue", check each day early, note that the queue is displayed and sorted day by day.
You will also receive a synthetic automated email from us each day that will summarize what is queued by account, this email greatly facilitates the task and helps you not to miss important mails.

In the e-mails section of your cPanel, see the BoxTrapper icon, you will find all the important management settings :

Configure Settings
Allows you to set up email addresses with BoxTrapper and specify how long to keep logs and queue messages.

Edit Confirmation Messages
Allows you to change the responses that email senders receive after they send a message to a BoxTrapper-enabled account.

Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists
Allows you to permit, deny, and ignore email messages from certain accounts.

Forward List
Allows you to forward the emails that passed through BoxTrapper authentication to another address.

Review Log
An overview of all messages sent to your email accounts, displayed by day.

Review Queue
View any BoxTrapper mail waiting for verification.

Warning :
1- Before you enable this feature, you must create a whitelist of people/organizations/domain names that you think are desired, especially wanted emails sent automatic emails to you on which they would not validate the verification link. You can always check the waiting list the first times, and unblock any emails/domains if needed.

Start with such whitelist (add the one of your bank domain name ie) :

from .+\@linkedin\.com
from .+\@.+\.linkedin\.com
from .+\@facebook\.com
from .+\@.+\.facebook\.com
from .+\@facebookmail\.com
from .+\@twitter\.com
from .+\@.+\.twitter\.com
from .+\@google\.com
from .+\@.+\.google\.com
from .+\@.+\.+\.google\.com
from .+\@paybox\.com
from .+\@paypal\.com
from .+\@paypal\.fr
from .+\@stripe\.com
from .+\@.+\.payplug\.fr
from .+\@e-transactions\.fr
from .+\@atosorigin\.com
from .+\@.+\.atosorigin\.com
from .+\@.+\.+\.atosorigin\.com
from .+\@atos\.com
from .+\@.+\.atos\.com
from .+\@.+\.+\.atos\.com
from .+\@amazon\.com
from .+\@amazonses\.com
from .+\@.+\amazonses\.com
from .+\@cdiscount\.com
from .+\@ovh\.com
from .+\@ovh\.net
from .+\@name-controls\.com
from .+\@francedns\.com
from .+\@free-mobile\.fr
from .+\@.+\.gouv\.fr
from .+\@.+\.+\.gouv\.fr
from .+\@ebay\.com
from .+\@ebay\.fr
from .+\@yoorshop\.fr
from .+\@.+\.yoorshop\.fr
from .+\@yoorshop\.net
from .+\@.+\.yoorshop\.net
from .+\@hosting1976\.fr
from .+\@.+\.hosting1976\.fr

NB : if you receive automated emails from subdomains whose part before the @ changes all the time, it may still be blocked repeatedly, the solution is to enter the appropriate syntax in the white list, examples :

case 1, if you receive emails from :
add this in whitelist :
from .+\@.maindomain\.com

case 2, if you receive emails from :
add this in whitelist :
from .+\@.+\.maindomain\.com

case 3, if you receive emails from :
add this in whitelist :

from .+\@.+\.+\.maindomain\.com

2 - Using global view MailControl of Mailscanner is very handy when one or multiple email accounts are using BoxTrapper, you can visualize easily pick up an email that you would want to receive in case was blocked... 

NB : for resellers, if you use custom features in your packages, you must enable icon BoxTrapper in feature manager of the package

3. Attacks on contact forms
You receive many contact notifications by contact form, and the sender is the email of a victim ? This is a new type of spam attacks.
The only solution is the installation of a recaptcha security plugin

4. Add Dmarc record to your domain

From cPanel, go to Zone editor, select line of desired domain and click on Manage

On right on toogle dropdown, choose Add Dmarc record, validate with defaut values