How to check the resources used in cpanel


You can regularly verify the usage resources history by your account via your cPanel, section Metrics and icon CPU and concurrent connections usage.
If you don't see this icon, this mean you are on a cPanel server without Cloudlinux, see at bottom of this article how to proceed :
'To see real-time the use of your processor', please use SSH and command top'

Metrics of resources used in cPanel
For real time, simply check column right of your cPanel, do page refresh to update...
Or, you can use also SSH without the need to refresh and to see more details about processes : see details at bottom of this article.

Note that graphics can not accurately record CPU spikes that can occur for only a few seconds.
You must observe this regularly at different time frames : day, week, month (day, week, month).
You see "Database" in first graph which indicates proportion of your processor allocated which is used by your databases

Very important, snapshots are here to give you as many detailed informations as possible when issue occured, you may study your log access at same time to cross informations.

This is very important in the sense that it can cause slowdowns of your sites, error pages, and if it causes an overload of server php process persistently, you will soon receive an alert message of our hand.

If your traffic High does not explain the high level of resource utilization, then it must be analyzed in detail, here are the causes in general :

1 - module/plugins uses coming from third parties or improperly installed or poorly coded, or use of multiple modules in conflict (typical security modules) are in 90% cases reasons of improper working of websites. Uninstall completely any unused plugins/modules, keep the quality ones, and make sure they have a unique role. Finally, many modules requires you to read its editor manual, contact them to troubleshoot unknown issues.

2 - crons scheduling being too tight on processes consuming a lot of resources can cause an abnormal working of your account

3- high level of writing on disk permanently, see 'Input / Output use', see plugins causes possibilities

Activate the error_log mode from 'settings' of the 'Selector php' your cpanel (after resolution give it to Off), then the debug mode of your CMS, and if needed, quickly taking a webmaster ...

4 - The study of the details of your visits, by the Visitors icon, can reveal abnormal visits: attacks of some IP, see their user agent on the right and inform us of the user agent with an unknown name of bot if you see some one (we can block it if valid)...
Read :

We always recommend having an average CPU used up 60% in order to have a margin for traffic spikes, the administration work, also it is not necessary that the RAM is full : see if a module or something is not buggy, otherwise, you need more memory because in case of saturation, the pages are displayed with mistakes sometimes.

You may have chosen a plan that possibly not suited or not anymore to your needs resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space, number of processes.

See our article :

To see real-time the use of your processor, you must use SSH with software putty, type command :
/usr/bin/top -d 00.50
Open another shell window with putty
You can check what is doing one process, by his PID number, if number PID is 22596, type :
strace -p 22596

To kill all processes :
type in your SSH console : kill -15 -1 , and press Enter
(this will turn off also your SSH session, reconnect to SSH, and top again to see that all came down)

Reminder to debug :