Two-Factor authentication 2FA cPanel

Find the icon in cPanel, Security section: Two-factor authentication

To configure 2FA, perform the following steps:

Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
Link your cPanel account and your 2FA app:

To automatically create the link, scan the displayed QR code with your app.
To manually create the link, enter the provided Account and Key information in your app.
Within your 2FA app, retrieve the six-digit security code
The 2FA app generates a new six-digit security code every 30 seconds.

Enter the six-digit security code in the Security Code text box.
You must enter the security code within 30 seconds. After time expires, the app will generate a new six-digit code.

Click Configure Two-Factor Authentication.
If you see a Failed to set user configuration: The security code is invalid. error, a problem may exist with the date and time settings on your server. To fix the issue, contact your hosting provider.

Remove 2FA
To remove 2FA, click Remove Two-Factor Authentication.

Reconfigure 2FA
To reconfigure 2FA, click Reconfigure. Follow the steps above to configure two-factor authentication.

If you reconfigure 2FA for your account, any existing configurations will no longer produce valid security codes.

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