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With our application, a problem may arise since 2020 : "unable to load data", and we have no diagnosis yet.

Alternatively, you can use the OpenVPN application to go to a server directly by installing it:
Choose the latest WINDOWS 10 / SERVER 2016 / SERVER 2019 INSTALLER (NSIS

You must edit your ovpn file, delete line 5 and 6 and insert this line on line 5 for the server in France:
remote 1190 udp

Launch the application, check your task bar, find icon and do button right and import the given file.

To connect, from the taskbar icon, choose the connection, then click Connect

To change the country server, you must edit the OpenVPN file located in C:\Users\yourusernamewindows\OpenVPN\config\nameconnection/yourfile.ovpn

Choose the IP of the desired country and change the IP on the 5th line in the file:
You can create and save several connections depending on the country, go to the folder C:\Users\yourwindowsuser\OpenVPN\config
Create a folder named canada if you want to create a connection for Canada, then copy the file from your other connection to the canada folder, rename the file as canada.ovpn, you just have to edit the file, and put the 'IP corresponding to Canada. From the icon in the taskbar, right button, you will see this new connection, and you can connect to it if you wish

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