How to activate Cloudflare through cPanel


From your cPanel, go to section Software, click icon Software, click on 'Create your Free Account' to create your free account.

From there, there are 2 methods to activate Cloudflare for a domain (this is a 3rd party service, network issues can arise, and contacting their support directly may be required)

Method 1 (Simple, fast, therefore recommended):

You must use our DNS for this to work, click on the button at the bottom right: 'Provision Domain with CNAME Setup'. Your site traffic will pass fairly quickly via Cloudflare, say within 5-15 minutes)

To remove domain from cloudflare, in tab Domains, bottom left, click on 'Remove domain from Cloudflare'
Method 2 (More complicated, few hours disturbance, but more secure with traffic filtering by DNS):

Click on 'Provision Domain with Full Zone setup'

Update the DNS (nameservers with those indicated), the propagation of the DNS can take between 30 and 180 minutes), after 10 minutes, click on 'Recheck nameservers' to see if cloudflare notices the change in DNS, refresh your cPanel page, go from new to the field.
Intermediate SSL from Cloudflare can taken from 20 to 180 minutes to install itself.
Concerning emails, if you use this entry as smtp host, you must modifiy delete existing entry 'CNAME mail' in zone cloudflare from their console, go to DNS tab, edit line 'CNAME mail'... and delete it by clicking on DELETE.
You must recreate an A record, with 'ADD RECORD', put mail for the NAME column, and for CONTENT, take the value of the IP given in the existing entry A, click on SAVE
Make sure that TXT value is same as the one in your cPanel, icon Zone editor
To remove domain from Cloudflare, in tab Domains, bottom left, click on 'Remove domain from Cloudflare', and update nameservers DNS to ours.
Notes :
- what you see in cPanel is a simplified version of Cloudflare console, you can access more sophisticated settings from their site
- if you encounter various issues, read articles in their knowledge base, we are not responsible for issues using their services

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