Hotlink protection image


From your cPanel, you can use the image protection feature to only allow your sites to upload them.

(It will work only when you use PROXY mode in Nginx-manager)

See the icon 'Hotlink protection'

This last function will not work in cases where the usurper of your content is clever, uses a proxy or cloudflare or even a javascript code, we offer you an add-on that will have the desired effect, it specifically blocks an identified domain name. as a referrer when it comes to taking an image of your site.

To do this, you must create an nginx.conf file at the root of your files, and put the following code as content or you will customize the target domain:

if ($http_referer ~ ^https?://*) {

return 403;

Then, you need to reload nginx in the Nginx-Manager plugin of your cPanel.

You can repeat this code for other domains by customizing the targeted domain.