Optimal technique for DNS update


The DNS to be inserted for your hosting service are mentioned in the email of access that you received during your order. Copies of emails sent can be found here : https://support.yoorshop.hosting/clientarea?action=emails

As you know, when you change the DNS, we all speak of propagation delay.

This propagation delay has a technical translation/explanation : this is due to the TTL value of your DNS which is generally standardized on 86400 value, these are seconds, and it equals 24H

Depending to the network, we have already seen that the propagation DNS can happen in 1-2h as 12-24h to be fully completed among the million of servers in the world, for the same TTL of 86400 seconds !

We will detail here an intermediate technique that allows to point your site within minutes to your new hosting, and then you can change your DNS as a background task which will not cause any further propagation issues in 95% of the cases.
It actually avoids waiting and we
 are going to use  existing A entries whose TTL are very short, generally 3600 seconds.
(this step is not mandatory, especially if not lot of visitors/sales, change directly your DNS)

With your current web host or registrar, depending on which current DNS are being used, in the domain section, there is DNS zone and the Nameservers section (not to be confused).
Go into your DNS zone, there are 2 A entries for your domain, one with a '.' and another one with 'www.' with new IP.

Then you see that there is a similar IP for the two A entries : this is the IP holding your site actually. You will have to replace this IP in the 2 inputs by your IP hosting with us and you will find it in your cPanel, 'Zone Editor "section and look at the first line which is an A entry and copy the IP :

DNS management with cPanel

Back at your current host or registrar, DNS zone section and change the IP of 2 entry '.' and 'www.'

Your site will load within minutes from your new hosting account. Check process ongoing : https://dnschecker.org/#A 

After at least 5 minutes, refresh your browser and DNS cache on your computer.
If not updating to us, please read point 6 that will help make things right as soon as possible :

To finalize, wait 1 hour and update your DNS with ours.

To check that DNS has begun to update, use :


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