Diagram 100% SSD 3D V-NAND server with Fastpath


To get a high loading speed on a website, 3 conditions must be met :

- a server whose components are at the cutting edge of technology (discussed in this article)
- a combination of high-performance server software, and well tweaked (our know-how)
- an optimized website (your know-how or your webmaster)

As you might have heard, SSD drives are far more efficient than SATA/SAS mechanical drives. SSD technologies have evolved dramatically in recent years to achieve a level of power and reliability never seen in the history of computers/servers storage drives. The latest generation of SSD NVMe (version data center) demonstrates an extraordinary writing/reading power, but also high endurance and advanced data protection features.

From september 2017, we already migrated all servers to SSD NMVe interface.

Video about Samsung 3D V-NAND technology :

Here is a full study on performance differences between SATA SSD and PCI-NVMe SSD :

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