How to preview a website before migration ?


This very advantageous technique makes it possible to see one's website on another IP than that given by current DNS or IP pointing, and to check/test the proper functioning of a website. Also, to immediately fix any cache problem during DNS changes.

Solution 1. With online, input well IP address of your account that you can find on top right of your cPanel 

OR Solution 2 :

Modify the hosts file of your PC, find your host file according to your operating system's computer :
For Windows, with your file explorer, find and open the file with a text editor like notepad+ (administrator mode), located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

For Mac, see tutorial :

Find your IP in "Zone Editor" of your cPanel, entry A, ex:

Entrée A cPanel

Add this in the hosts file by replacing by correct IP and domain (remove any # in front) :

To know for sure if you load from our servers (after cleaning your browser cache, and DNS from your PC), create a file test by ftp in the root folder of your web hosting at home : public_html folder in general
Clean your browser cache, cookies, and sessions by settings / options of your browser (CTRL + F5 is not enough)
Try to to access this last page, ex:, if you see a blank page, and not a 404, it means that you load from our servers...

NB :
- make sure your htaccess file is not redirecting to real site, remove htacess as a first step or temporarily
- https preview mode is not possible without validating the warning as it require domain validation by proper pointing to get a signed SSL... or import a SSL certificate in your cPanel
- this hosts file solution works at 95% and is enough to appreciate things, some problems in temporary can disappear during the change of IP of the real site

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