How to start SEO for my website ?


This is a difficult and an endless work at begin, premium quality is largely better than quantity.

First choose/have for your domain, the corresponding extension to the country you are targeting, this is the number 10 criterion of Google to position your site, and moreover this is largely predominant compared to the IP location of the server or you are hosted, this last criterion is ranked only at number 142 for the case of domains whose extension is generic... Ref :

Being hosted on fast servers like at YOORshop is a major help for getting a fast loading website, then 50% more chance.
To increase yoru chances of success online, your website must be optimized at minimum too,  lightweight (medias), and use as few plugins/modules as possible... Do you know also that since october 2014, Google will rank higher those having all their URLs with SSL, read our dedicated article

You will lose sales and ranking places if the grammar and spelling are not correct, because this criteria is indeed ranked at 33rd place (high importance) of the ranking calculation criterias used for Google :

To know :

Create your account 'google webmaster tools', generate your sitemap.xml (prestashop has this feature included by ex/ or search on google to generate it), and robots.txt (see our article), and input them in your account 'google webmaster tools'.

Second, fill properly the titles, descriptions, and keywords of each page of your website. Make your website readable, coherent, Google checks also this for your ranking, and don't forget also to W3C validated !

Check here for some tips :

To read for much more Tools

Think about your area and all sites that speak directly/indirectly of your business field...If your website is in French, you must insert in french directories/specialized websites manually initially on known websites :

Examples for France :

Do not neglect also international markets, we must also do the same job twice in the foreign language in question. There are many websites dedicated to your business field/entrepreneurs, enjoy all that is free, and pay sometimes when worth, or pay to test to see how qualified are the leads brought to your website...

If you're doing e-commerce, you must at the minimum be registered on a few price comparison websites like as this will help your ranking :

Also, from time to time, try to interact in 1 way or another with social network...

Use this site to see your backlinks :

To optimize your website : 

News : 

Integrate snippets structured data (enriched results)

Here are explanations here. The most important are:

- Site navigation element: 

- Reviews : 

- Products: 

- FAQ:


Media server
A tip to gain SEO ranking is to load your static resources by media servers with keywords, if you sell shoes online and your domain is for example:, then use a server like :
NB :
- A media server looks like a subdomain, but it is not one in fact, it's a simple entry A in the DNS zone of the domain, see Zone editor of your cPanel
- The media server does not gain performance on our servers for https sites, because we use HTTP2 technology

Finally : Monitor your 404 pages by awstats or online testing tool because it is not good for SEO, you have to put content like links of your website and set a redirect timer 10 seconds to a valid page your site...

Bonus backlink SEO YOORshop
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(Attention, it is very important that there is a link back on your website so that there is an effect ... eg: specify your host with a link in your legal notice)