Managed dedicated server


We can offer dedicated dedicated servers in outsourcing with WHM/cPanel, ask us for a quote offline
Processors : Xeon 12/24/32 cores
RAM : 32/64/128 GB 
Disks : NVMe SSD : 450GB or 1.2TB
10 IP offered, and 240 additional IP possible, per block of 4 minimum, activation price IP €5 (Europe, IPs can be chosen in 13 countries, see list countries below)
Price from 119 € for server with 
8 cores/32 GB RAM/450 SSD NVMe....

Localizations possible for server : France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Finland, and Canada or Singapore 

All inclusive managed service from 229 € ATI (you can get VAT deduction from your local tax office if you are registered with VAT and Europe based)

  • Server outsourcing with installation included
    - WHM / cPanel license included
    - Security: kernel, anti-faults in real time and weekly scan / anti-Ddos
    - Intraday cPanel backup daily with 10 days of backup, up to 200 GB included (count 15 € more per additional 100GB)
    - Nginx + PHP-FPM (advanced performance and security)
    - Free transfer included from your websites included up to 10 websites with a total maximum weight of 200GB. Count extra € 10 / website.

    SLA : 99,95%

Minimum total price for a fully managed dedicated server is € 349 /mo ATI

Optional high availability option :
this requires a second dedicated server, added cost is same as chosen dedicated server one initially), and a tariff surplus for management of 119 €

Attention :
we only accept and respond favorably to serious requests with normal activity, and verifiable people and companies identity.

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