Email problem with mail or FTP softwares


Connection problems can be observed on existing connections FTP or mail in secure mode.
Recent upgrades in security protocols can affect softwares which are not very modern or failing, especially with oultook which has problem for old OS version and outlook versions in using modern secured protocols...

First, reset same password for cpanel :

Second, restart the mail or FTP software, and validate the SSL certificate if a window appears when restarting...
Reset the same password for the email account for an email issue

As a trick that can solve your issue, you can change host used from ftp.yourdomain/ to simply :
This will force your software to refresh the correct SSL certificate used by the server services

Mail softwares :
If you can not connect to SSL IMAP, do not pass the non-SSL IMAP settings first, it will validate, then update to the SSL IMAP settings, we have seen that this works with outlook web

SSL problem because old SSL cached in the software, read : 

More complex, upgrade outlook security so that to be compatible with minimum security of our server :

In register editor, activate this key by 1 : WINHTTP_OPTION_SECURE_PROTOCOLS

See script fo autofix :

Also, with windows command : certutil -urlcache crl delete

Restart PC entirely

If persistent, use Thunderbird which has no issue at all, or reinstall outlook or contact support microsoft, or go to Windows 10

Filezilla, non-functional SSL problem because cached in the software : 
If persistent, use unsecured simple FTP mode while waiting to find the solution

Devices IOS, restart device
If persists, the SSL cache will regenerate when it wants, temporarily use the mail settings with no SSL fo rincoming as IMAP port 143, and outgoing port 25

Go to the Settings / Applications / find the application 'Email' used, and press clean the cache at the bottom
Verson recent: find the application 'mail' used, click on storage, and press clean the cache

If you are unable to resolve your OS or software issues, you can resolve temporarily or permanently using the NOT SSL settings when setting up the email or FTP account.

Are you looking for a reliable messaging software ? We recommend :

(Note that software is multilingual)

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