What is Softaculous and cPanel ?


cPanel is the administration software that allows you to manage easily your hosting account. You can by ex. setup redirections, changing dns, adding domains, manage website files, databases, phpmyadmin and so much more...
Here is a screenshot of cpanel, click on picture to get a live demo (limited features in demo mode) :

Demo cpanel

Softaculous is a great sitebuider with lots of positive reviews, and is installed by default in your hosting account via cPanel.
It helps you to
create a website easily by installing for you a free CMS/scripts among more than 450 choices ...

Just search for the CMS you want to install, and click install, enter all informations requested. For path of install, choose an empty path if this is for the main domain of your account located at public_html. If this is for an addon domain, just input the correct folder...

See a screenshot here :

Softaculous demo

All the following scripts/Cms can help perform a multitude of projects in your web hosting service, here is the main list hereafter (full list 
updated can be consulted here:



Micro Blogs



  • DocuWiki
  • MediaWiki
  • PhpWiki
  • PmWiki
  • TikiWiki
  • WikkaWiki







Customer support




Database management


Ad Management






Pictures gallery





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