Sending emails from our servers


Nowadays, a fierce battle has begun against spam with leaders like Gmail, Hotmail, even if clean in appearance on our servers, it can regularly affect the shared IP's reputation of our mail server, and we renew it regularly...
Your domain must also gain its own reputation in time, this depends on how you do use it. We also isolate accounts which send a lot of emails by making them send from their own dedicated IP...

There is a long list for how to send emails in full compliance ... and we must recognize that even with that, it is not sufficient, there are external solutions free/paid to circumvent these problems.

Check regularly outgoing emails from your cPanel account, section Emails : Track delivery :

Gestion emails cPanel

  1. Some tips :
    - Don't send emails to people that did not allow you to send them emails (Opt'in), you will be in trouble with us for sure !
    - Do not send burst to one recipient multiple emails in a short period of time
    - Do not send unnecessary email to recipients who have never interacts with you: payment receipt (duplicate with one sent by the payment provider

    2. If you have a dedicated IP, and you feel that you're affected by others on servers, we can setup your own mail server IP, on request

    3. Using an external smtp provider is ideal for transactional emails, and much more :

    4. Read our article about phpmail and smtp :

    5. If you intend to do large mailings, it is obliged that you must check the validity of emails of your mail databases, and clean regularly.
    Examples :

    To know, make a mailing with 200 emails maximum, and check how it gets delivered via cpanel in mail section / Track delivery / display all

    6. If your emails are not managed by us, and you don't use our DNS, go in 'Email routing', and set to : 'Remote mail exchanger'


Other remark :

Most IPs of our provider OVH are blacklisted by UCEPROTECT-Level 3. This blacklist is no offense, but can't be removed by OVH, as it is both unjustified, and this 3rd party from swiss acts as scammer, and ask huge money to be delisted... You can safely ignore this, as most mail providers does not consider this flag as legit.