Impact of website speed on overall performance



Here are now few articles that demonstrate how important is the loading speed for your site based on an optimized website (therefore upstream too : a performant hosting service) :

Read carefully one of these 2 articles to understand how to properly test a website and get to know how simulate the reality of a visitor's experience :

Many people mistakenly think that the IP localization of the server counts enormously, well it is pretty false because this criterion is only ranked 142/200...
- extension of your domain by targeted country plays a major role, rank is 10/200
- loading speed of your website, rank is 23/200 (a server located at less than 5000 km is enough for a good speed)
- presence of SSL certificate, position is 71/200 

See this article to read

Here is a diagram of our lightening fast 3D SSD servers

SSD hosting in Europe, Canada, Singapore

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