How to migrate emails


The emails are in different formats depending on the server, and it can be very complicated to migrate such as migrating a website.

The best and simple solution is this one explained hereafter

Once you've changed the DNS of your domain and point to us :

  1. Create same email accounts from your cPanel :
  2. Configure your email software these new email accounts as pop or imap, following well the informations given in email account in cPanel, see the button 'Settings' or from cPanel V70 : 'Connected devices'

(Please do not change the settings of existing accounts mails in your email software with our settings, this will lose your emails)

3. From your email software, do a drag and drop of emails from the old account to the new account, and wait, this can take time depending on the volume ...

NB :
POP only store locally your emails
IMAP synchronizes emails in both ways : your computer-server

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