Is my website visible anywhere, whenever, and what is Cloudflare ?

Loading speed of web pages ?
The display time of a web page depends on the weight of the page, from where visitor will connect, characteristics of the host server and its charge level. Our ethical management that we do not oversell our servers, and you will always have optimal power for your website. We equipped our servers with latest technologies concerning Ddos attacks, which makes the argument to be protected better by a CDN nearly useless.

For our servers, only latest technologies : Nginx with HTTP2 + LiteSpeed servers + NVMe SSD disks. They have different compression, optimization and cache modules installed, by ex : Gzip, OPcache, which makes them very fast compared to what we see on the market, and thus your site load very quickly in Europe and even in the rest of the world, with no need of any CDN...
For Prestashop, WordPress and all other Cms/scripts, we observed the best performances with PHP 5.6 and 7 which integrates OPcache activated directly on server :

Do you need Cloudflare ? (not sure, more important is an initial quick server like at YOORshop :)
From january 2024, the icon Cloudflare in your cPanel is not present or not working anymore due to Cloudflare who wish to only offer therefore management with DNS from their console. Cloudflare is a service based on a network of servers localized throughout the world that helps your website to be more easily accessible very far from your hosting server, thus this is in theory only interesting in the case if most of your customers are very far from where your website is hosted... for our case, our servers are in France, and if 75% of your customers are in Europe - and not a huge traffic like 30 000 visitors a day-, you will not need a CDN).
(The main advantage that we see is that it hides your real IP of your domain when you use their DNS. Beware, their servers are regularly disturbed, so your site may also be...)

You can test it from your cPanel

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We prefer KeyCDN because it is much more performant and stable, you can integrate it to your site, or CMS with plugins : 
Also check for the trick we use : alias subdomain with keywords, which improve SEO...

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