Connections FTP


When ordering your service, you received the access email with subject "Access information to your web hosting"

It contains the login and password cPanel, essential to configure an FTP connection.

1. Setting up a primary or secondary FTP connection
By FTP with FileZilla / ex software:

Connection type : FTP
Authentication type : normal or explicit FTP

Host name : several possibilities :
1 - if your dns have been changed for at least 12-24h
2 - hostname of your server, it is mentioned in URL to login to your cPanel, example :
3 - IP of your website that you can find by your cPanel in Zone Editor, then find the value of input A, or by link top right in cPanel : 'Server informations'

port : 21
login : cPanel login OR in the case of secondary FTP accounts, it is the one displayed in 'Configure the FTP' : FTP username
Password : cPanel password OR in the case of secondary FTP accounts, it is the one you entered when creating this account

First connection : when connecting first time : accept the security certificate in the window if it appears, this is normal

Warning :
- the password above corresponds to that of your cpanel. If you change your cpanel, this one from your FTP will change too.
- in your cpanel, FTP section, special account, there is the same manual configuration data, but also a filezilla automatic configuration script
- you must not touch any of the existing folders of your original account, otherwise it will cause malfunctions, and during backup / restore, we will not restore your account!

2. Create secondary FTP access with all restricted permissions or permissions

In your cPanel, you can create one or more secondary FTP accesses. Files section then FTP accounts

Choose the domain concerned if you want to restrict it to a domain, then fill in the login and password requested

The field 'Directory' corresponds to the access authorization you give:
- if empty, full access like the main FTP cPanel
- if value = public_html, it will be only the main domain of cPanel account
- if value = or, it will therefore be only the subdomain file named or, and which is therefore not in the public_html folder
- if value = public_html/, it will be only the subdomain folder named, whose folder is located inside the public_html folder

Create an FTP account

See below the FTP account, go right to click on Configure the FTP client

You get the specific information to access FTP with this FTP account, except the password you must have noted when creating the FTP account :

FTP username
FTP server
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21