Which plan to choose for my website ?


 Your need can be determined by the size of your catalog, the average traffic of your website, the use of heavy modules like quantitative catalog management, POS, intensive use on admin side...

All our hosting plans are fully adapted to all websites, but the processor/memory/disk power differs depending on the selected plan. Depending on intensity of the use, plugins, and CMS heaviness, the choice of the optimal plan can differ greatly, and this is sometimes not easy to assess...
NB : If you do not know which plan to choose, start with a first hosting plan, you can change later your offer in a few clicks ...

Plan EURO1 is a good starting point if we refer to what we define as 'minimum performant' at YOORshop. You can also wish directly opt for higher plans depending on your resource needs/budget and desire to get more for more speed and comfort :

If your activity require an availability close to 100%, see these offers :

If your target market is on US continent, please refer to these offers :

If your target market is on Asian continent, please refer to these offers :

If you have server administration skills, you can check our VPS which are sold without managed service. This is not recommended for someone who only knows to manage his website.

We offer managed dedicated servers on request only, see details :

Reminder :