Use of VPN L2TP/IPsec


Once you receive your access, all you need is to setup VPN connection on your device.

Windows 7-8-10 (change since Nov. 11th 2019)

Download the softether VPN client software in function of your OS :

Install the application by clicking on file .exe, leave the default choices until the end of install

The application open itself, and then click Add VPN connection, confirm by yes to create a virtual adapter, give it name : VPN2

You must now click again on 'Add VPN connexion' to configure connection

Setting Name: L2TP YOORshop


User Name: enter the login / user name that is sent to you by email

Password: enter the password sent to you by email

Your connection is now setup : L2TP YOORshop, yo activate the VPN connection, either click on the name L2TP YOORshop twice, or right button then Connect. If windows pop up appear about public and private network, click on No

To create a shortcut on your desktop, right on the 'L2TP YOORshop' connection in the Softether window, then 'Create a VPN Connection Shortcut', save it on your desktop. To connect, double click on the last icon.

If you want your PC to connect automatically when the computer starts, you can do so by right-clicking on the 'L2TP YOORshop' connection, click on 'Set as startup connection'

Mac IOS (if not working use original softether vpn client software for your OS : )

Procedure for L2TP VPN Configuration on Sierra MacOS

You must be in possession of four things, all listed on the confirmation email you sent YOORShop:

the IP address of the VPN server: Name or server address

the name of your account: Login

your password: Password

the shared secret for authentication of machines? Pre-shared authentication key

In the "Apple" menu (on the left and at the top of your screen), or in the dock, open "System Preferences"

On the preferences panel choose "Network"

You will create a new access in the list on the left. Click + at the bottom of the list.

A panel opens:

in the drop-down menu "Interface" click on VPN

in the "VPN Type" drop-down menu select L2TP via IPSec

in the field "Name of the service" put what you want. You can leave VPN (L2TP)

Click on "Create"

At the top of the panel leave "Automatic Configuration"

Leave "Configuration" Default

Server address: contained on the access email sent by YOORshop

Account name: your login on the access email sent by YOORshop

Click on "Authentication Setting". A panel opens:

In "Auth. users "

keep the pre-selected radio button "Password"? fill in with your Password (see the YOORShop email)

In "Auth. machines "


keep the pre-selected radio button "Shared secret"? fill in with pre-shared authentication key (see YOORShop email)

Click "OK" the panel closes. You may be asked to apply the settings. In this case click on "Apply" at the bottom right.

And finally click on "Connect".

Hopefully the VPN state should switch to Connected.

An IP address different from your usual one is displayed.

For earlier versions of Mac OS the procedure should not be very different.


Go in 'Settings', click 'more', choose VPN, add a new connection with type L2TP/IPsec PSK, do it, and go on entering values we gave you